The project ISSA (Internationalisation for Social and Innovative Start Ups and Entrepreneurs) is designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that encourage success in international activities for social start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The ISSA project will work to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To promote the use of digital training as a way to promote internationalization of the European social entrepreneurs and start-ups through self-teaching aiming at forming social enterprises about internationalisation.
  2. To promote and enhance the use of innovative, digital tools as the virtual world environment, by motivating social entrepreneurs to make use of them.
  3. To develop a European education and training area by the strategic use of Information and
    Communication Technologies (ICT), within self-training modules compendium available for wide groups of receptors.
  4. To boost internationalization among social entrepreneurs as a measure to increase their
  5. To endorse distance with online learning and to create the proper ground for effective Entrepreneurial learning.