“ISSA, Internationalisation for Social and Innovative Start Ups and Entrepreneurs” is designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that encourage success in international activities for Social Start-ups and entrepreneurs. The project is based on previous projects (SUC, start-up communities; SUI, Start-up Internationalisation) but it goes one step further promoting international expansion and development of social start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Output 1

ISSA Competence framework & Training package & Scenarios – Social entrepreneurs and Start-ups Going International

The aim is to create a self-training package that educates social entrepreneurs toward to internationalisation of social enterprises. The self-training package will be based on competences selected in relation to ENTRE-COMP (The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, which offers a framework to build consensus around a common understanding of entrepreneurship competence) and internationalisation in order to ensure its perfect fitting to social enterprises in their road to internationalisation. The self-training package will also include self-assessment tests for further enhancement of the learning experience.



Questionnaire for the Field Research study[Click here]

Field Research study report [Click here]

Final report and Defined competences [Click here]

Templates for self-teaching modules [Click here]

Templates for scenarios [Click here]

Modules & self-assessment tests [Click here]

Output 2

ISSA e-Learning platform

The aim is to implement the ISSA e-learning platform. It will be a Moodle LMS and it will be used to host the learning content (learning material, the related scenarios and the self assessment tests). The ISSA e-learning platform will also be a space where start-ups and entrepreneurs can meet, communicate and share their experiences and expertise on internationalisation issues, expansion plans, sustainable and social entrepreneurship, thus contributing to the formation of a community.



Educational content templates [Click here]

ISSA e-learning platform (link to page)

User manual

Output 3

ISSA virtual learning environment

This aim is to produce the conceptual design and system architecture of the 3D Virtual World (VW) platform, in where the produced learning content (learning material, the related scenarios and the self assessment tests) from IO2 will be “transferred” in the VW through Sloodle ( a free and open source project which integrates multi-user virtual environments developed in OpenSim with Moodle learning management system).



Technical report [Click here]

VW Platform (link to page)

Manual (version 1)

Manual (version 2)

Demonstration video

Output 4

PILOT action for internationalization activities for Social entrepreneurs and Start-ups

The aim is to conduct pilots, which will ensure that the developed competence framework, the self-training package, the scenarios, the e-learning platform and the VW environment are of good quality, coherent products which adequately meet their objectives, are relevant to the needs of the users and have good potential for internationalization.




Piloting methodology

Piloting Report