The e-learning platform is based on MOODLE, which is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

In the e-learning platform one can view the four competences for social entrepreneurs as individual MOODLE courses of the ISSA project. The four competences are:

      1. Spotting Opportunities
      2. Mobilizing Resources
      3. Ability to Identify social problems
      4. Cultural Awereness

Each competence has its respective information and supporting learning materials. Through the Moodle the learner is also able to connect to the 3D Virtual World where they can play the related scenarios. After covering the learning materials and playing the scenario of each competence, the learner can take the self-evaluation quiz for that specific competence. In addition to English, the platform will be available in all languages ​​of the project partners: Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish and Norwegian.

In order to access the e-learning you have to perform one step:

      • Create account on e-learning platform

To do so read the manual.

Steps you need to follow during the course:

      1. Read the general information for the course
      2. Read the learning outcomes
      3. Read about the competence themes
      4. Read the additional learning material (it is optional but it is strongly suggested)
      5. Follow the link and the instructions to be connected with the 3DVW so as to play the related scenario.  When you finish the game you will receive a code
      6. Take the code from the scenario and return to moodle. Put the code in the box you will see. Only then you will have access to the self -evaluation questionnaire
      7. Answer the questions of the questionnaire. If the success rate is 80% and up you have completed the course.
      8. If the questionnaire’s success rate is lower than 80%, you can try again.
      9. You have to complete all the modules in order to finalize the course.

Click here to connect with ISSA e-learning platform.