Here you will practice what you have learned from Moodle! ISSA Virtual world learning environment will facilitate you to test how the key concepts of the modules can be applied in realistic situations. This practice will complete your overall learning experience and then, you can pass to the final stage that is to answer the self-assessment test of each module.

Here you will implement the related scenarios connected with the corresponding modules from ISSA Moodle:

SCENARIO: CULTURAL AWARENESS It will take place inside a coffee shop. You will have to analyse the situation and the real meaning of cultural awareness and to gather a more realistic view of the situation


It will take place inside a Social Enterprise company called WeRcakes Ltd. Here, you will have to prove that you are aware of the resources you have, and which may be the best way of mobilizing said resources to get the most out of the internationalization experience.
SCENARIO: IDENTIFY SOCIAL PROBLEMS It will take place inside a Social Enterprise company called ECORAISE. Here you have to answer questions dealing with social problems of different societies in different countries.


It will take place inside a house- your house. In this scenario you are a social entrepreneur who starting your business but still perfecting your idea so you are working from home. You need to learn how to spot opportunities that can contribute in reaching your goals.


In order to access the scenarios, you have to perform 2 steps:

    1. to download and install the proper viewer so as to have access to the virtual world and
    2. you have to create your avatar.

To do so read the manual AND view this video


    • You will use your username and password that already have for ISSA MOODLE but you will write your username twice. See manual for more(Manual design is in progress, the link will be available when the manual is ready)
    • It is preferable to be already login to ISSA MOODLE so as to easily put the code you will receive upon the completion of each scenario to the respectively field of ISSA MOODLE module

Demonstration video